Campbell River Fishing Report May 2017

Its mid May and things are looking good for another busy season!
I was out yesterday (May17) just to target Lingcod which opened up May 1  in our area. One of the best spots around here for Lings is the south end of Campbell River. I like to slow troll the hump to the Lighthouse the last hour before slack tide.
I  run a large glow cuttlefish hootchie with a short 3′ leader, I tie up a leader of 60LB test with tandom 6/0 hooks, leaving the trailing hook a inch back from the end of the hootchie.This combo is  irresistible for lings, and you can pick up the odd spring like we did yesterday!
The last few weeks have been a bit of a battle with weather and algae blooms in the Strait of Georgia. A few nice  springs have been coming in off the south end of Quadra  and Cortez Islands.
Sentry Shoals  has been fishing well on the south end of the reef in 160-200Ft of water. The fish have full belly’s of large herring so 5″ spoons and large green spatter back hootchies are the ticket!
Bates beach is fairly consistent this year so far. Running standard gear on the bottom and an anchovie  40′ off bottom works well.
Grants reef has been another good spot this spring. I like fishing the west side in 140-180Ft working the contours north to south. Grants has a mix of different bait fish around so mixing up your gear and colors is a good idea!

The weather is finally looking good, just in time for the long weekend!
See you on the water!