July Campbell River fishing report

With these recent nonsense Chinook closures thrown at us by DFO,  there hasn’t been much to talk about.
But now we are days away from being able to retain ONE Chinook, better than nothing I guess! Although catch and release the last few months has been fun, it’ll be  nice to get some blood in the boat finally! 
The good news is the fishing is nothing short of fantastic, and has been for the last month! 
The ebb tide drift at the Campbell river hump has been on fire to say the least the last few weeks. Piles of herring are keeping these Chinook around from right on top of the hump 150ft down to 300ft, bait everywhere and springs! 
This area has also been fishing well on the beginning of the flood. The good old Blue Meanie hootchy has been unstoppable the last few weeks with the water being very clear. I have also been running big 6″ Coyote spoons with no flasher with great success . Plugs in the 602 and 700 are great but I haven’t been towing them around as the big siwash hooks  cause to much damage to the fish when C&R fishing.
The green can and Wilby ledge are the same story, if the bait is there, the Chinook are piled in thick!
I fished Kitty Coleman for the first time in months yesterday and it was loaded full of nice fat Chinook to, it just doesn’t get any better!
I haven’t caught any Halibut yet this year and the Lings seem to be hard to come by the last week.
July15 is going to be great, see you out there!

I still have space available ,so if you want to get a chance at this great fishing ,give me a call!