June Campbell River / Comox fishing report

The northern strait of Georgia is the place to be right now! Huge schools of large herring are keeping the salmon well fed.  I was watching 6 Humpback whales feeding last week around Campbell River, it takes a lot of herring to keep them happy!
The fishing last week was a little slower do to the big tides,  but if you were patient and fished around the tide changes it was good.

The Campbell River hump to the light house tack an hour before and after tide change has been really good lately. The deeper water, 200ft plus, around the Green can has produced well also. A few halibut from these areas are coming in too. I put a 38LB on the boat recently and my buddy had a 50LB just trolling deep for salmon! Still a lot of legal Ling Cod to be had in this area to. Trolling hootchy’s in green/glow or 6″ spoons in the same colors is the ticket!

Bates beach or “Kitty Coleman Hump” has been fairly consistent this season for springs. Fishing the 200ft contour and finding schools of herring is the program. Later in the day the deeper water to the east 220-250Ft is a good place to find fish.

Grants Reef is another really consistent spot this year so far. Most boats fish the mid to south reef on the west side and have been filling the tubs. All gear seems to work here when the baits in. Hootchy’s, plugs, spoons and no dog fish yet so anchovies are a solid bet!
See you on the water this weekend!

Good June day in Campbell River!